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Dr. Jeffery F. Bullock, President, The University of Dubuque, Dubuque, Iowa, has been very successful in guiding the University to a growing, transforming present and a very secure future. Philanthropy has been crucially important in this transformation.

Q: Dr. Bullock, how would you describe the transformation that has taken place at the University of Dubuque ?  

R: The Transformation of the University of Dubuque has been first and foremost about Mission .  It has been about finding a way to articulate a Mission that rings true; that is real, honest, meaningful, and is worth investing one’s life and resources into.  In ten years, the University of Dubuque has come from an institution that was on the brink of closure to a vibrant, challenging, and meaningful entity with an identifiable and winsome niche. 

Q: What role has philanthropy played in this very visible and successful mission transformation?

R: Without a meaningful philanthropic response for our supporters, the University of Dubuque would not be here today.  Our supporters, all of them, support us because they believe in this Mission .  They understand that they have been blessed and aspire to be a blessing.  At its core, philanthropy is about stewardship; it’s about understanding that we have been privileged to exist in this world and that, in return, we have an opportunity to be a blessing to others through the gifts of time, talents and treasures.

Q: In your opinion, how important is the role of University President in advancing philanthropy at an institution such as the University of Dubuque ?

R: Clearly the President plays an important and strategic role in any organization, but to suggest that the President is solely responsible for an organization’s success is hubris!  In my opinion, a President’s primary responsibility is to live, breathe and interpret the Mission of the organization.  He or she is the “face” of the organization and, therefore, must live a life that is consistent with the values and virtues of that organization.  The President must always be seeking out ways to align a potential donor’s hopes and dreams with the opportunities and initiatives that exist for the organization.  Clearly, in the final analysis, I believe that we all want to be a part of something larger than ourselves.

Q: How has increased philanthropic support impacted the students, faculty and staff at the University of Dubuque ?

R: It has helped all of us to understand more fully the University’s motto: “Various gifts but one Spirit, all serving the church and the world.”  Because the Mission of the University has been clarified and absorbed at our core, the lives of all the University’s constituents have been measurably improved.


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