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How does the leader begin to communicate her or his vision to the staff, Board of Directors, and other stakeholders in the organization? What tool can the leader use to provide guidance and essential direction to others? What instrument might an executive director, together with the Board, choose to evaluate and measure the progress of the organization? The answer to these questions is the Mission Statement!

The importance of the Mission Statement can hardly be over-emphasized. A television commercial for a popular dandruff shampoo once offered this proverb, “You will never get a second chance to make a first impression!” If your organization is being faithful to its mission, then the Mission Statement is being introduced to every stakeholder by the very aura the organization presents. It is, by way of introduction to every possible donor and volunteer, the first impression made to those who will support your endeavors. It introduces who and what your organization is, where you intend to go, the essence of that which you hold dear. The Mission Statement also provides others a clue as to your capacity to articulate your purpose and focus.

Your success as a leader will in no small measure be affected by the quality of the Mission Statement. Consequently, it requires considerable attention on the part of the leaders of your organization.

It must be artfully crafted such that.

everyone who reads it will immediately grasp your purpose for existence and what you seek to accomplish. The readers of the Mission Statement will be able to identify the main focus and task(s) through which you seek to fulfill that purpose. Those values and principles which are to guide your organization in fulfillment of its purpose are to be set forth in the Mission Statement. The articulation of your mission, if done artfully, will communicate clearly and concisely the what, how, and why of your organization. Not only will the Mission Statement guide your work, it will motivate others to share your passion and vision, that they, too, might come to share your purpose. The Mission Statement done well invites the participation of others.

While the Mission Statement must be of sufficient length to accomplish its purpose, it must also be brief enough to be almost memorable. In fact its essence must be memorable so that leaders, staff, volunteers, donors, and other stakeholders can be clear always as to the purpose and direction of the organization. It is a marvelous tool to measure both direction and progress, while providing boundaries, which ought not to be transgressed without considerable thought and dialogue.

As a leader your passion has given birth to your mission. Let this be articulated artfully in the Mission Statement.

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