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Search Protocol

Philanthropy Focus uses a search protocol that creates a partnership with the client. This protocol respects the uniqueness of the client institution and has successfully demonstrated its effectiveness by the placement of candidates that meet or exceed the candidate profile created in partnership with client organizations.

Where we begin…
Philanthropy Focus
will, if necessary, visit your institution prior to the search to determine those aspects that make your organization unique. We will interview interested parties as appropriate to the position, gleaning insights into the mission, history, environment, successes and challenges of the client institution. We will meet with client executives and those managers, Board members, and other volunteers who are important to the search process and will be most affected by our placement.

Position Requirements
Based on information gathered during the site visit, an analysis of position requirements is used to develop Candidate Qualifications. After approval by appropriate client executives, this document will guide the technical aspects of the search. Together with the unique dimensions of the client institution, Candidate Qualifications and our unique interview techniques will lead to the identification of potential candidates. We will find that outstanding candidate who will meet not only the technical qualifications sought by our client, but also will be a good fit with the client’s institutional character. We focus on the candidate’s accomplishments, experiences, professional tenure, and affiliations.

Our Network
Philanthropy Focus
maintains an excellent network of nonprofit executives and development/advancement professionals who will assist us in the identification of suitable candidates. Naturally, we also consider those who are referred to us by our client, as well as those who are self-referred.

The candidate pool will be refined through extensive telephone interviews, analysis of candidate skills, experiences, accomplishments, and career goals with a particular assessment of fit with your institution. Potential candidates who continue to be part of the pool will have references checked with an emphasis on verification of prior accomplishments. We will then meet with or Skype with the most suitable candidates, because we will not introduce our client to someone we have not seen.

Selection of semi-finalists
When we are satisfied that the best members of the candidate pool have the professional and personal attributes to be successful in the client’s institution, we introduce them to the client through the submission of documents that present their accomplishments and experiences. Partnership discussions between the client and our firm result in the selection of semi-finalists.

Introduce Candidates to Client
A Philanthropy Focus
professional will introduce each candidate selected for interview to the client. Our presence in person or by conference call during these interviews enhances our client services by enabling us to assist during the post-interview evaluation. Once the client has selected finalists, we assist in scheduling subsequent interviews with candidates and spouses (if appropriate).

Employment Offer
We remain available to assist in the formulation of the employment offer and compensation package, together with any conditions of employment, and to assist in the sensitive negotiations that lead to the employment of the successful candidate. If the client chooses, we will extend the offer to the selected candidate. Unless the client chooses to do so, we will then have conducted a verification of academic credentials and a search for local, state, and federal criminal records.

Service after the Search
Our involvement does not end with the placement of the successful candidate. We maintain contact with the client and the placement during the important first year of employment to ensure that mutual expectations are being met.


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